What is Show the Love?

“Show the Love” is an innovative and stimulating 5-day (VBS) or 5-week (Sunday school) curriculum written specifically for the Zambia projects by Pat Nederveld, former managing editor at Faith Alive Christian Resources. Filmed on location by notable artist and producer Joel Schoon Tanis, this unique and exciting learning experience will help your children relationally connect with orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia.  The thought provoking lessons and creative live action videos will deepen your children’s understanding of key biblical truths about caring and sharing with children in critical need of help and love.


Change 4 Children has been a program of the Alliance for Children Everywhere for over ten years.  Recently, a group of very talented people helped us develop a new curriculum called “Show the Love” and we are  so excited to share it with you!

Download a PDF of Session 1 of the Curriculum and Leader Resources; it includes all the printed materials you’ll need for the first session.

History and Background of ACE

The Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) is a Christian nonprofit, child welfare organization founded in 1969 in Tucson as House of Samuel, providing child protective services to children on Native American reservations in Arizona.  Beginning in 1973, their services included a Child Placement and Adoption Agency working in southern Arizona.  In 1983 they expanded to Guatemala, providing child protective services, child welfare and adoptions and a residential campus and school in Guatemala City. In 2001, the Guatemala ministry was turned over to the hands of a local indigenous organization. The American organization passed the domestic part of the ministry to a sister agency and assumed its current name in 1995, freeing the organization to focus on Zambia, Africa believed to be the nation with the highest numbers of orphans on a population basis in Africa.   In 1997, Zambian church leaders were brought together to form an interdenominational Zambian-led organization, Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ).

Recognized by the Republic of Zambia as a faith-based, non-governmental organization, CACZ forms the indigenous counterpart of ACE. The organization’s mission is to demonstrate the love of our Lord Jesus Christ by feeding hungry children, bringing orphans and outcast children into families and educating out-of-school children. Hundreds of volunteers and mission teams provide additional support from fundraising to designing and producing public relations materials to in-the-field construction projects.

Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE), is a 501(c)(3) Christian nonprofit organization, founded in 1969 under the name House of Samuel. Throughout our 45 years of ministry our focus has been to enable Christians to demonstrate the great love of Jesus Christ by helping children in crisis.

In Zambia Africa, ACE operates two rescue homes for abandoned infants, orphans and young children in crisis. We provide assistance to extended families, advocate for adoption, provide infant formula to babies at risk of abandonment or starvation, and offer free Christian education to children who cannot attend school due to family poverty.

Our Mission

To demonstrate the Love of Jesus Christ by bringing orphans and abandoned children into secure families, schools, and communities.

Our Purpose

  • Rescuing children who would otherwise die
  • Empowering families to care for their children
  • Facilitating adoptions when there is no family
  • Working alongside the Zambian people assisting them in caring for their children and rebuilding their nation
  • Helping churches educate children so they may grow up to lead families, communities, and country
  • ACE is not political, dogmatic, denominational, or partisan. We maintain very low costs of operations, exemplary by all standards. We have made significant progress, yet the need is still great.