Organizational Capacity

ACE oversees an annual budget of over two million dollars in diverse funds mainly from individuals, church support, child/family sponsorship, mission teams and foundation support. The American organization is overseen by a strong and diverse board of directors. CACZ oversight is provided by a Zambian board comprised of development professionals, church representatives and community leaders.

ACE and CACZ work closely with Zambian partners in the development and implementation of all programs. Partners include church leaders, the Ministries of Community Development and Social Welfare, Youth, Sport and Child Development, local police departments, local departments of social affairs, community leaders, health clinics and other non-governmental organizations.

The majority of Zambians are Christian and the churches play a critical role in community life. Together with CACZ, ACE works to connect families to church communities such that they are supported, educated and spiritually strengthened to care for their children, preventing institutionalization of children, strengthening households, and bringing communities together. The Christian community is the organization’s most important partner.